domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2010

WILHELM BUSCH contemporary art poster

The first strip comics of our Printed World, was invented and developed by this "serious" german man, named Wilhelm BUSCH.
Main of his histories, is based on livid memories from his childhood on the fields and farming times and, PLEASE, REMEMBER: We are talking here, in a piece of the Planet Earth, about year 1840!
Surprisingly, he tolds to us, under a, let´s say, schemathic way, our own present lives, using a superb hand technic, not to mention the characters itself, based all in linving persons that he knows or listened about it, reinforced by the popular story-tellers echoed from Midle Age times.
What to say about Disney´s DNA or even Dennis, the Menace, Captain´s Nephew´s (to name a few) and all that antropomorphically visual strategy to tell histories, a thing of matter that Herr Busch, works pionneringly well on it.

Or even that soOo funny clichée, when a charachter was crushed on soil, by something pretty heavy, "pancakeing" it as a thin paper leave, yes, you will see this scene also, on a Mr. Wilhelm illustrations, among hundred thousand others, from thousand hundred others illustrators, from Today and Tomorrow times.

This graphic series showed and filed here, was made by myself, just to hommage this real School Master.

I mean, "SCHOOL MASTER" indeed, not "old school".

Herr Wilhelm Busch, IS the Whole Skulle, itself.